Bella Vita North Bay Inc.

Professional Property Management in North Bay. is a trademark of Bellavita North Bay Inc.

We are a property management companies managing own and 3rd party apartments, commercial units and houses in North Bay, Ontario. Our focus are Short Term Rental, Mid Term Rentals and Long Term Rentals providing to corporate and professionals.

This direct booking page was created by my staff and I to accommodate repeat bookings from satisfied guests who wish to directly book our Short Term Rentals.

First time guests are certainly welcome to book through this platform as well.

Bella Vita North Bay Inc is managing over 40+ long term units and approx a dozent Short Term Units in North Bay.

We cater to

  • the film industry providing housing for main actors, directors, producers down to gaffers. 
  • companies sending their staff to North Bay for project work who want to share a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment
  • families or individuals who are in-between houses while closing their sale or wait to finish construction
  • local companies who have staff come for their company boarding

This is just a small catalog of our clientele whom we cater to.



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